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Your Trusted Partner in Fire Safety

At Safety First Fire Equipment Testing, Inc., we bring years of dedicated service and expertise in fire safety to every job. Led by a seasoned fire department Chief, our mission is to provide comprehensive, one-stop testing solutions for fire departments and safety organizations. Ensuring your fire safety equipment meets the highest standards isn’t just our job—it’s our commitment to your safety and peace of mind.

Why Choose Safety First Fire Equipment Testing, Inc.?

Commitment to Excellence in Fire Safety Testing

As the Chief of my department, I understand the challenges of managing a busy fire department—from training members and completing paperwork to maintaining equipment. That’s why I created Safety First—to offer a ‘one-stop shopping’ solution for your fire equipment testing needs. With just one call, you can have your fire hoses, ladders, and apparatus pumps tested to the highest standards. Our organized approach ensures your equipment is tested efficiently and reliably, allowing you to focus on what matters most—keeping your community safe.

What To Expect From Our Professional Team

Delivering Precision and Reliability On-Site

Efficient and reliable pump operation is vital for any firefighting scenario. Our pump testing services evaluate your equipment against stringent manufacturer standards to ensure peak performance. From drawing water from tanks to testing pressure outputs, our expert technicians ensure that your pumps are ready to perform when every second counts.

Preparation and Documentation:

Inspection and Identification:

Detailed Checking:

Pressure Testing:

Reloading and Notification:


Our Commitment to Comprehensive Service

In addition to hose testing, we also offer rigorous testing services for ladders, pumps, nozzles, and appliances to ensure all aspects of your firefighting equipment meet safety standards. Safety First Fire Equipment Testing, Inc. also provides a 3-year contract for hose, bottle, and fire extinguisher testing, which locks in your discount price years in advance.

Our Fire Equipment Testing Services

Explore Our Specialized Testing Solutions

Fire Hose Testing

Ensure your fire hoses meet the required standards with our thorough pressure testing services. We meticulously examine hoses for durability and performance, ensuring they can withstand the demands of emergency situations

Pump Testing

Our pump testing services evaluate your fire pumps against manufacturer specifications to guarantee optimal performance. Trust us to help maintain your pumps’ efficiency and readiness, pulling water with precision and reliability.

Suction Testing

Maintain the operational integrity of your fire equipment with our specialized suction testing. We assess your suction systems to ensure they perform effectively, providing the necessary operational capacity during critical moments.

Ladder Testing

Rely on our ladder testing services to confirm the safety and reliability of your fire ladders. We perform comprehensive inspections and tests to certify that they are safe for use, supporting the well-being of both firefighters and civilians.

Nozzle And Appliance Testing

Keep your fire nozzles and appliances functioning at their best with our detailed pressure tests. Our expert technicians ensure that your equipment delivers precise and dependable performance when it counts the most.

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