We offer a range of fire equipment testing services designed to assist Fire Companies, Adult Care Facilities, Nursing Homes and Hospitals in the preventative care of their fire safety equipment.

We test the following fire safety equipment to NFPA standards:

We provide you with paper and digital copies of all your test records, complete with full breakdowns and analyses for your review.

As Chief of my department I truly understand the often hectic and busy schedule that comes with the territory. Being a Chief Officer these days certainly can be challenging. Making sure the members are trained, completing paperwork, taking care of maintenance and list keeps growing and growing.

That is why I designed Safety First to be a “one stop shopping” for testing requirements. We have organized the business in a way you can make one phone call and your fire hose, SCBA bottles, ladders, and apparatus pumps are tested to the recognized standards.

Safety First Fire Equipment Testing, Inc. offers a 3-year hose, bottle and/or fire extinguisher testing contract that will lock in your discount price, years in advance.

At Safety First we are the professionals you can depend upon:

  • A professionally trained team will arrive at the testing site and will document the entire hose layout of each apparatus.
  • All hose will be removed from the apparatus (supply beds, pre-connects, hose bundles/rolls) and a visual inspection will be performed before testing each length of hose and assigned an Id number, for the use of recording its history.
  • All couplings and gaskets will be checked for damage and verified they are in place. If any are missing or damaged a new gasket will be provided.
  • All hose will be pressure tested for flaws as per NFPA 1962 (2008) edition and all results will be documented, per Id number, by our staff.
  • Once completed all hose will be reloaded per your department standards.
  • All failed hose will be removed from service and your department representative will be notified.
  • A CD version, written record of all hose testing results, and a complete hose inventory will be provided within 15 days of testing completion.